LED Rainbow Backlit 87-Keys Mechanical Gaming Keyboard, Waterproof Keyboard,Compact Keyboard with 11 Multimedia Shortcut Keys,USB Wired Keyboard for PC Gamers Home Office (Black)

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Elevate your gaming experience with the precision and style of the [Backlit 87-Keys Mechanical Gaming Keyboard].

Its compact design seamlessly combines commonly used keys with 11 multimedia shortcut keys, ensuring swift access to volume, media, mute, song switch, and other common functions. Operate with ease and speed, enhancing your gaming efficiency.

Immerse yourself in the cool, illuminated atmosphere created by the two-color injection and clear characters. The laser-engraved characters ensure delicate engraving, uniform light transmission, and a visually appealing experience at the touch of the light button.

Say goodbye to worn-out characters and unclear key labels, thanks to the transparent key cap structure that prevents common wear issues, offering durability and clarity for an enhanced gaming setup. Unleash the power of the Backlit 87-Keys Mechanical Gaming Keyboard, where functionality meets aesthetics for a gaming experience like no other.




Brand: TDOO Compatible devices: PC Connectivity technology: USB Special feature: Waterproof Number of keys: 87

87 Key Mechanical Gaming Keyboard: Compact design, not only retain the commonly used keys,there are also 11 multimedia shortcut keys, support volume, media, mute, song switch and other common shortcut functions,which are easy to operate and quick to use.
Two-color Injection &Clear characters: The keyboard is used of laser engraved characters, delicate engraving, uniform light transmission, the light is very cool.Enjoy the cool lights at the touch of the light button.
Transparent Key Cap Avoid wear: 87-key keycap structure, the principle of light emission is completely different from that of laser-engraved printed keycaps.Put an end to the problem that the characters are worn and unclear because of ordinary printed coated keycaps.
Ergonomic Designed: Proper layout of suspension high and low key caps,Mechanical feel, comfortable percussion, strong resilience,give you a comfortable feel,long time use without fatigue.
Waterproof Game Keyboard: The bottom plate of the keyboard has drainage hole, which can quickly discharge the liquids such as tea and drinks and so on,you can use it safely.

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