EPOMAKER RT100 97 Keys Gasket BT5.0/2.4G/USB-C Mechanical Gaming Keyboard with Customizable Display Screen, Knob, Hot Swappable Socket, 5000mAh Battery for Win/Mac(Sea Salt Silent Switch)

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Unleash your typing potential with the [EPOMAKER RT100 97 Keys Gasket BT5.0/2.4G/USB-C] keyboard—a dream come true for experienced keyboard enthusiasts.

Immerse yourself in the retro-style charm and functionality of this innovative keyboard, featuring an exclusive detachable smart TFT-LCD display and a customizable knob.

The display doubles as a smartwatch, showcasing date, time, weather forecast, keyboard battery level, or anything else you desire through customizable settings and programming. Elevate your experience further as the mini display is detachable, converting the port into a hidden harbor for the 2.4Hz wireless receiver.

With N-key rollover (NKRO) and south-facing LED lights, the RT100 responds seamlessly to the simultaneous press of multiple keys—a boon for hotkeys and real-time gaming enthusiasts. The meticulous design ensures that all RGB lights face south, offering the best view of the mesmerizing light patterns.

Experience 16 default light patterns or unleash your creativity by setting up your own with the intuitive driver. The EPOMAKER RT100 keyboard redefines the keyboard experience, blending retro aesthetics with cutting-edge features for a truly exceptional typing journey.



【Exclusive Detachable Smart TFT-LCD Display】Are you an experienced keyboard hobbyist wishing for a fully functional and highly enjoyable keyboard beyond entry-level? Then the newly launched retro-style EPOMAKER RT100 keyboard could be a great match which featuring an innovative customizable smart LCD display and a knob.
The highly enjoyable mini display is great fun to play with as it can serve as a smartwatch with date and time, weather forecast, keyboard battery level, or something else you wish for with settings and programming. Even more the mini display is detachable so the port becomes a hidden harbor for the 2.4Hz wireless receiver.
【NKRO&South-facing LED】With N-key rollover, the RT100 can respond to the simultaneous press of multiple keys, helpful for using hotkeys or in a highly exciting real-time games.It requires more effort in producing, but it is all worth it to meet the community’s need. The RT100 also has tailored the design for all RGB lights to face south,so the one operating will be the one with the best view of all light patterns. With 16 default light patterns and the freedom to set up your own with the driver
【Triple Modes of Connection,5000mAh Battery】The RT100 supports both Type-c wired and Bluetooth 5.0/2.4GHz wireless connection. By three means of connection, the RT100 can be used for different purposes depending on whether convenience or stability is the priority in the task you are handling with. The hidden storage space for the wireless receiver is slightly bigger to leave room for future upgrades, and the invisible hub will help you remember where the receiver is so you will never lose it.
【97 Keys Gasket-Mount Mechanical Keyboard】EPOMAKER RT100 is a gasket-mount mechanical keyboard with Poron sandwich layer and slow-rebound bottom case foam to achieve an ultimate soft and smooth typing experience. Pre-lubed stabilizer and switch pad are added to enrich the performance. While the mechanical keyboard is the essential star of every gamer or coder’s desk set, a compact design will offer you better experience in a smaller package, with no compromise in its function.
The 97 Keys layout is narrower compared with full size keyboard so one can move left and right quicker and simultaneously offers greater operating space for accessing the mouse and other devices.
【2-in-1 Customizable Knob,Mac & Win Double Layout】One of the highlights of this keyboard is the classy knob that can respond to turn or twiddle at all 360 degrees and register keystrokes for many custom functions one sees suits it. By default, the knob can be used for media control such as turning the volume up/down and pausing or resuming play for music and video.
And as a highly customizable keyboard, the ability of the knob is endless as you can set it with the accompanying software. A physically existing switch for changing the layout between Mac and Win is designed for RT100. The easy and simple switch allows you to enjoy two sets of hotkeys and macro to meet your need for different
【Hot-Swappable Kailh Socket,Custom EPOMAKER Switch】A hot-swap keyboard means you can freely replace the switches without soldering it which will be of great convenience to any keyboard enthusiasts. The quality and class-A Kailh socket is selected for its support of hot-swapping and for its good name within the mechanical keyboard community.With EPOMAKER custom switches, every click and clack of each switch brings so much fun and satisfaction.
【5-Side Dye-sub Premium PBT Keycaps with MDA Profile】Made of durable and non-greasy PBT, all keycaps on RT100 are solid and stay firmly in their location under each keystroke. The MDA profile is designed to help reduce tiredness and soreness for long-term and prolonged typing, while the legends and letters printed with dye sublimation are long-lasting and extremely resilient, with some helpful instruction on key functions added to some of the special keys.

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