Phone Grip, Upgrade Removable Magnetic Phone Holder 360°Rotation Finger Phone Stand Adjustable Silicone Phone Ring Holder (White) Price: د.إ59.99 (as of 25/09/2023 11:55 PST- Details)


Upgrade your phone experience with the versatile Upgrade Removable Magnetic Phone Holder. Featuring a removable phone grip, this innovative accessory serves as a finger ring grip, phone stand, magnet phone car holder, and more. The strong sense of design and convenience make it stand out in the world of silicone phone grips.

Designed for modern functionality, this phone grip supports wireless chargers and magnetic car mounts, ensuring a seamless and hassle-free experience.

With an 8mm sensing range for wireless charging, it allows you to charge in the middle of the phone for optimal efficiency. For even faster charging, simply detach the phone grip and reattach it once your device is fully charged.

Experience the freedom of a 360° rotation phone ring stand, providing an ultra-secure grip at any angle. Whether you’re watching your favorite videos or need a hands-free solution, this stand can be easily locked in position.

Attach your phone to various surfaces, such as your fridge or gym equipment, thanks to its magnetic capabilities. Upgrade your phone’s functionality with this versatile and user-friendly Magnetic



Step One
Clear the phone or case surface and tear off the paper cover on an iron ring

Step Two
Stick the iron ring on the back of the phone or on the phone case with a suitable position, and remove the blue covering film on the iron ring

Step Three
The phone holder does not need to stick to the phone case, just magnetically attached to the iron ring to use the phone stand, if you don’t want to use the stand, you can take it off directly, which is more convenient

Free your hands

Retractable silicone strip cell phone ring design, when you hold a lot of things in your hand, you can easily grab the phone ring held by your finger with one finger to prevent the phone from falling

Cell phone ring stand
The phone ring stand could be 360° Rotation, so you can adjust it so the mobile phones can be placed at multiple angles. It can be easily locked in one position when you need to work with it

Portable Size for Carrying

Thin design phone holder stand, portable size for carrying and easily put it in your pocket, don’t worry about too thick to fit in or bulging out to look ugly

🌟Removable Phone Grip: The latest phone stand, phone grip can be disassembled, the Phone Ring Holder is composed of the iron ring and stand, It could be used as a Finger Ring Grip, Phone stand, Magnet Phone Car Holder and more. if you don’t want to use the stand, you can take it off directly, which is more convenient. It is a strong sense of design Silicone Phone Grip
🌟Allow Wireless Charging: This phone grip supports wireless chargers and magnetic car mounts,The sensing range of wireless charging is 8mm. Please charge in the middle of the phone for better effect. If you want to charge faster and better, please take down the phone Grip and put it aside. When it is fully charged, attach the stand to the iron ring,you could use the holder normally
🌟360°Rotation Phone Ring Stand: The phone ring stand could be 360° Rotation, an ultra-secure grip that you can hold at any angle, watch your favorite videos anywhere. It can be easily locked in one position. you can attach your phone to your fridge, gym equipment, or anything made out of steel
🌟Thicker Elastic Silicone Straps: The 2021 NEW UPGRADE PHONE RING STAND uses a thicker silicone strip, which allows you to hold the phone firmly with your finger to prevent your phone slips,conveniently take photos or talk without worrying about dropping your valuable device, thin factor help to keep your phone in your pocket(especially pocket belong to women pants)
🌟More Sturdy And Durable: New upgrade phone grip is made of high-quality materials, which is more sturdy and durable, and can remain intact even in a drop accident, the better color of the phone holder, more resistance to dirt, and not easy to fade. The edge of the phone stand is carefully polished to protect the fingers

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