M&J Metal Finger Ring Holder Grip Stand for aLL Mobile Phone/Tablet with 360 Degree (Pink wings)

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Introducing the M&J Metal Finger Ring Holder Grip Stand, a must-have accessory for your smartphone! This versatile gadget is compatible with smartphones of all kinds, featuring a convenient phone holder that ensures a secure grip for any phone.

Its 360-degree rotation design allows for a seamless transition between portrait and landscape modes, making it the perfect multifunction mobile phone holder and a handy accessory for movie watching.

Crafted with a lovely shape and a rotating ring kickstand, the M&J Metal Finger Ring Holder stands out with its full metal material, providing a sturdy and durable kickstand for your device.

The tablet kickstand adhesive ensures a reliable grip, making it an ideal accessory for a hands-free and enjoyable mobile experience. Elevate your phone game with this stylish and functional accessory!


Pay attention: Strong Adhesive and Resuable The phone ring stand holder be stick tightly to the back of your phone/tablet, it holds up in humidity as well.
Few sticky residue left after detaching can be wipe off by rubbing alcohol easily.
The finger ring stand is reusable after water clean;

Materials:Made with high quality Air Aluminum and diamond.

Feature: Ring Grip/Stand Holder for Smart Phone & Tablet.
Premium material and color makes your phone more luxurious look.
360 degree Rotation compatible for most cell phone tabletsand smart hang finger design.
Prevent your phone from falling on the ground.
Adjust ring stand angles to watch YouTube or Movies with Smartphones and Tablets.

Compatible with smartphones with phone holder for any phone.
360 Degree Rotation design cellphone kickstand, multifunction mobile phone holder,movie watching accessories.
Lovely shape +Rotating ring kickstand,Full metal material,sturdy kickstand and tablet kickstand adhesive.
Convenient and safe grip to prevent dropping device and control device while you are operating phone and taking picture.
Reduces the risk of dropping, breaking and falling down your device inadvertently. Also, you can stick the hook mount to make things more easier. It is fairly convenient for your life.

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Brand: M&J