iClever Ergonomic Mouse 209G- Wireless Vertical Mouse 6 Buttons with Adjustable DPI Comfortable 2.4G Optical Vertical Ergonomic Mouse for Mac, PC, Desktop, Laptop

Elevate your computing experience with the [iClever Ergonomic Mouse 209G]. Crafted with upgraded ergonomics, this mouse is meticulously designed to fully fit your hand, ensuring maximum comfort.

The diamond pattern on the waist surface prevents palm sweat during extended use, while the extended wrist rest provides a user-friendly experience, bidding farewell to hand pain forever.

The skin-friendly materials on the surface offer an ultra-comfortable baby skin-touch feeling, enhancing your overall ergonomic satisfaction.

Experience ultra-precise movement with the [iClever Ergonomic Mouse 209G]. Its careful weight calculation, stability considerations, and five slide pads on the bottom guarantee smooth and shake-free cursor movement. Adjust between three resolutions (800DPI, 1200DPI, and 1600DPI) based on your needs, with a clear DPI indicator.

The mouse’s design also facilitates easier web browsing with built-in Backward/Forward Page buttons precisely placed above the thumb rest.

Navigate effortlessly, jump between pages, and accomplish tasks with ease, all while maintaining a painless and pressure-free wrist joint. Choose the iClever Ergonomic Mouse 209G for a seamless blend of precision, comfort, and efficiency.



ERGONOMIC DESIGN FOR MAXIMUM COMFORT — Upgraded ergonomics, every detail is carefully crafted to fully fit your hand. The diamond pattern of waist surface prevents your palm from sweaty after long time handling. Extended wrist rest provides you the most use friendly experience, you could say goodbye to hand pain forever with this well-design ergonomic mouse! Above all, skin-friendly materials covered on the surface of the vertical mouse, giving you an ultra comfortable baby skin-touch feeling!
ULTRA PRECISE MOVEMENT — Enjoy fluent tracking on just about any surface (except glass or ultra slippery surface). The ergonomic mouse carefully calculates weight and stability, 5 slide pads bulge out from the bottom, to ensure you can move the wireless vertical mouse smoothly without any cursor shaking, and every of your movemnt will be tracked precisely. You can also adjust it between 3 resolutions of 800DPI, 1200DPI and 1600DPI depending on your needs. The DPI indicator will show you clearly
EASIER WEB BROWSING — Get things done quicker with the ergonomic mouse. You won’t even have to move your wrist with the built-in Backward/Forward Page buttons. There pricisely placed above the thumb rest, just move yoru thumb lightly to click once, then you’ll jump to the desired page. Long browsing sessions can wear down your hand, but this ergonomic wireless mouse is designed to fulfill your job effectively without any pressure on your wrist joint for painless navigation!
WORK ANYWHERE WITH WIRELESS — Enjoy the convenience of a wireless mosue, don’t let another cord to get tangled in. Simply insert the USB receiver into your computer and you’e on your way. This wireless vertical mouse tracks every movement with its super-fast 2.4 GHz wireless connection, and never worry about delays or dropouts! Thanks to the wireless range of 33 feet, you can enjoy a clutter-free workspace and work from anywhere!
WHISPER QUIET CLICK — Hours of clicking sounds can be annoying to you or those around you. The advanced stability built into the wireless ergonomic mouse reduces the tip noise, and improves responsiveness so you can make each click precise and inaudible. Working without excess noise improves concentration, learning, and productivity. Click in peace with the iClever vertical mouse your ears and coworkers will thank you!
1 year limited hardware warranty

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